2014 Sermons

2014 Sermons

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September 7, 2014: "Recieve Your Free Gift"             ppt    audio                                                               Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 14, 2014: "Who and What is God?"          ppt    audio                                                               Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 21, 2014: "How God's Word Describes Itself"     ppt    audio                                                Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 28, 2014: "One More Night With the Frogs"      ppt    audio                                                  Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

October 5, 2014: "Authority I: The Silence of the Scripures"  ppt   (no audio)                                   Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

October 12, 2014: "Authority II: Command, Example & Necessary Inference"   ppt   audio      Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

October 19, 2014: "Authority III: Generic vs. Specific Authority"      ppt   audio                              Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

October 26, 2014: "The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Get Caught"     ppt    audio Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 2, 2014: "Because You Shouldn't Have To Be Bored at Church"        ppt     audio      Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 9, 2014: "Oh What Love, Matchless Love"                      ppt       audio                                   Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 16, 2014: "Remembrance Day"      (no ppt)    audio                                                                    Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 23, 2014: "The Writing on the Wall"               ppt       audio                                                      Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 30, 2014: "Happy Families are All Alike"       ppt     audio                                                      Speaker: Henry Shi

December 7, 2014: "Peer Pressure"                             ppt       audio                                                                Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

December 14, 2014: "Buffet Religion"                        ppt     audio                                                                 Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

December 21, 2014: "God Is"                                        ppt      audio                                                                  Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

December 28, 2014: "Things Jesus Will and Won't Do in 2015"         ppt       audio                           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp