Sermon: October 1, 2023 [Speaker: Mike Riddle]

ppt (English) (国语版)  video (link to come)


Fall Gospel Meeting

September 28, 2023: "Dealing With Hard Bible Passages"  ppt (English) (国语版video                     Speaker: Mike Riddle

September 29, 2023: "Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood"  ppt (English) (国语版video                       Speaker: Mike Riddle

September 30, 2023: "Love Your Neighbor AND Your Enemy"  ppt (English) (国语版video            Speaker: Mike Riddle

September 30, 2023: "Render Unto Caesar"  ppt (English) (国语版video                                                   Speaker: Mike Riddle


Recent Sermons

September 24, 2023: "Does God Exist?"  ppt (English) (没有普通话PowerPoint翻译)  video                        Speaker: Gord Croft

September 17, 2023: "Why Can't I Be a Methodist?"  ppt (English) (国语版) Appendix (1) (2) (3)    video   Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 10, 2023: "Finding a Suitable Partner"  ppt (English) (国语版video                                         Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 3, 2023: "From Naked & Chained To Clothed & Free"  ppt (English) (国语版video        Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp


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