Sermon: November 28, 2021 [Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp]

ppt (English) (国语版)  video (coming soon)


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November 21, 2021: "How To Answer the Claims of Evolution"  ppt (English) (国语版video        Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 14, 2021: "God Will Understand"  (no ppt) (没有普通话PowerPoint翻译)  video                   Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 7, 2021: "Do This In Remembrance Of Me"  ppt (English) (国语版video                           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

October 31, 2021: "Turn Us Back To You, O Lord"  ppt (English) (国语版video                                   Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp


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