Sermon: April 14, 2024 [Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp]

ppt (English) (国语版)  video (link to come)

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April 7, 2024: "Do I Have To Attend Church To Be a Christian" ppt (English) (国语版)  video          Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

March 31, 2024: "The Hypocrisy Surrounding Jesus' Death" ppt (English) (国语版)  video               Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

March 24, 2024: "When One Word Changes Everything" ppt (English) (国语版)  video                       Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

March 17, 2024: "Elijah vs. The Prophets of Baal" ppt (English) (国语版)  video                                        Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp


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