2015 Sermons

2015 Sermons

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January 4, 2015: "The Gospel According to Wikipedia"                        ppt      audio                             Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

January 11, 2015: "The Work of the Church"                                       ppt    audio                                      Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

January 18, 2015: "To Err is Human, To Forgive, Divine"          ppt   audio                                         Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

January 25, 2015: "Did Uzzah Really Have to Die?"                       ppt     audio                                       Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

February 1, 2015: "Is This Bud For You?"                                           ppt    audio                                         Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

February 8, 2015: "How Many Deaths Will You See?"                 ppt    audio                                         Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

February 15, 2015: "Jesus Loves Me"                                                   ppt    audio                                          Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

February 22, 2015: "C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N"                                            ppt    audio                                          Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

March 1, 2015: "Sex Ed."                                                                           ppt   audio                                           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

March 8, 2015: "Marriage, Divorce, and Re-Marriage"            ppt   audio                                            Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

March 15, 2015: "How Can I Believe That the Bible Is the Word of God?"       ppt   audio           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

March 22, 2015: "The Bible and the Chinese Language"                             ppt   audio                         Speaker: Gord Croft

March 29, 2015: "Would You Be Convicted?"              ppt (English) (国语版)       audio                       Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

April 5, 2015: "Heaven"                                                         ppt (English) (国语版)        audio                       Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

April 12, 2015: "Buddhism"                                                 ppt (English) (国语版)        audio                       Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

April 19, 2015: "The Baptism of Cornelius' Household"       ppt (English) (国语版)       audio       Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

April 26, 2015: "How Do I Get Patience?"                            ppt (English) (国语版)           audio           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

May 3, 2015: "Parents and Children Beware"                   ppt (English) (国语版)           audio            Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

May 10, 2015: "Lesser Known Mothers of the Bible"      ppt (English) (国语版)           audio           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

May 17, 2015: "The Sufficiency of Christ"                             ppt (English) (国语版)           audio           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

May 24, 2015: "Hinduism"                                                          ppt (English) (国语版)            audio           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

May 31, 2015: "Don't Bury Your Talent"                                               (no ppt)                     audio           Speaker: Chuck Bartlett

June 7, 2015: "Baptism"                                                                 (no ppt)               audio                                Speaker: David Dann

June 14, 2015: "The Anger of Jonah"                                       ppt             audio                                           Speaker: Tim Gao

June 21, 2015: "Setting A Value On Our Religion"           ppt (English) (国语版)          audio             Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

June 28, 2015: "Making Right Choices"                              ppt (English) (国语版)          audio               Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

July 5, 2015: "Jesus' Crucifixion and Death"                   (no ppt)        audio                                           Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

July 12, 2015: "Singing"                                                         ppt (English) (国语版)          audio                    Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

July 19, 2015: "What Is Faith?"                                         ppt (English) (国语版)          audio                     Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

July 26, 2015: "Why Is It Important That I Have Faith?"     ppt (English) (国语版)     audio          Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

August 2, 2015: "The Just Shall Live By Faith"                       ppt (English) (国语版)     audio             Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

August 9, 2015: "But One Thing Is Needful"                            ppt (English) (国语版)   audio               Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

August 17, 2015: "Unconditional Election"                              ppt (English) (国语版)   audio                Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

August 23, 2015: "Ulterior Motives"                                           ppt (English) (国语版)   audio                Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

August 30, 2015: "One Year Later"                                             ppt (English)  (国语版)   audio                Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 6, 2015: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" ppt (English) (国语版audio   Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 13, 2015: "Counting the Cost"                                (no ppt) (no audio)                                     Speaker: Gord Croft

September 20, 2015: "Church Discipline"                               (no ppt)   audio                                            Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

September 27, 2015: "Hear Ye Him"                                          ppt (English) (国语版audio                   Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

October 4, 2015: "God Helps Me"                                (no ppt)       audio                                                       Speaker: Roy Diestelkamp

October 11, 2015: "Does This Offend You?"          ppt (English) (国语版audio                                    Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

October 18, 2015: "Sowing In Tears"                   (no ppt)    (audi0)                                                            Speaker: Jeff Fisher

October 25, 2015: "Absalom: The Master Thief"       ppt (English) (国语版audio                            Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 1, 2015: "Our Father Who Art In Heaven"    ppt (English) (国语版audio                     Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 8, 2015: "By the Foolishness of Preaching"          ppt (English) (国语版audio            Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 15, 2015: "I Am a Christian!"                          ppt (English) (国语版audio                          Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 22, 2015: "Valid Baptism"                               ppt (English) (国语版)    audio                         Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

November 29, 2015: "He Never Planned To Die That Way"     (no ppt)     audio                               Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

December 6, 2015: "What Would Jesus Do Today?"            ppt (English) (国语版)    audio             Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

December 13, 2015: "What Is the Church of Christ?"          ppt (English) (国语版)    audio              Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

December 20, 2015: "Wrong Ideas About Jesus' Birth"    ppt (English) (国语版)    audio               Speaker: Jeremy Diestelkamp

December 27, 2015: "God's Eternal Plan For You and Me"    ppt (English) (国语版)    audio         Speaker: Kerry Keenan